Surroundings of Laigueglia

The Palms Riviera embraces the whole Province of Savona, for more than 150 square kilometres of bays and inlets, with steep areas overlooking on pebble or long fine-sand beaches. The ever clean sea and the beauty of the beaches has secured our region the primacy of blue flags in Italy (20 beaches). An array of locations spread along the coastline allow the visitor to enjoy a unique experience enclosed in a patch of medieval villages and centres, fit for tourists. Separated by a 2-km promenade, Alassio is the nearest town to get to and to be discovered. It is famous for its Muretto, its alleys, some of the most desirable shopping streets and exclusive clubs. A few kilometres from Alassio, you will find the medieval city walls, the reddish towers and the maze of alleys of one of the largest historical centres in Europe: Albenga, a city rich in Roman ruins, museums and historic buildings, a triumph of geometries to be enjoyed in a quiet afternoon of historical rediscovery.

Other not-to-be-missed centres of western Liguria are: Finalborgo (upstream of Finale Ligure), one of the best preserved historical centrers of the Savona area, with its impressive Convent of Santa Caterina and its beautiful cloisters, and even more upstream, Castel San Giovanni and the ruins of Castel Gavone, striking when illuminated at night. And again, Borgio Verezzi, with its wonderful Sant’Agostino Square, the 17th century church and its traditional rose-stone buildings embedded in a landscape of rock and sea. The Borgio Verezzi Theatre Festival was founded here and, since 1967, during summer nights, under a starry sky, actors have been enlivening the village. Continuing on the coastline, you will find other centres and villages to be discovered and lived for a few moments of relaxation and immersion in the traditions of Liguria: Noli, Spotorno, Varazze, until reaching Savona itself.

East of Laigueglia, already in the Province of Imperia, you can not miss a romantic walk through the alleyways, overlooking the sea, of Cervo Ligure, which seems to literally cling to the rock; the pedestrian historical centre is dominated by a medieval castle which today hosts art exhibitions and the permanent Ethnographic Museum of Western Liguria. For those who want to spend time outdoors, venturing into nature and enjoying the trails close to the sea, the choice is really rich. Among Albenga, Alassio and Laigueglia, you are spoiled for choice through beautiful hilly routes with breathtaking panoramic views and ancient Roman buildings. The sweeping views of the sea and the Gallinara Island will accompany you along Via Julia Augusta. On the hillside, with an enchanting view of the Gulf of Alassio, you can provide your children with the unique experience of the Adventure Park, the Solleone, with its exciting acrobatic paths on trees. Always overlooking the Bay of the Sun, behind Laigueglia, you can venture along the routes which, starting from the beach and going on mule tracks and trails surrounding the village, allow you to do Nordic Walking, a sport for everyone, but also simple and relaxing hikes, mountain biking, horse riding, or, for the more daring, a dip in the blue sky paragliding.

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